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I want you to imagine a starving orphan. everytime this orphan receives some food, what do you think happens? Now most would think they would eat it immedilately without fail. But the truth is, they will eat part of it and store the rest. And they do this because they don’t know when they will again receive food. and over time, the stores food goes bad. It rots and becomes waste.

THATS what a lot of you are doing to your bodies.

Not eating enough, you are putting your body in what I call starving orphan mode.

so whatever food you body DOES receive it will store as sugar and eventually turn to fat stores.

More of the story: Eat more!

eat healthy and eat more!

COACH Anthony Has Been in the Professional Health and Fitness Field For Over 9 years. He is a Lifelong Martial Artist and Self Defense Instructor Who After Graduating With a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science, Went On to Attain Certifications for Personal Training Through the NCCPT.

“Becoming the BEST Version of Yourself. THAT Is What I’m Building In You

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