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Sarah H.

Anthony is an incredibly talented and patient instructor for both martial arts and general fitness, As a dancer my body had a lot of issued that developed from neglect, and Anthony used his expertise to address them with fun and engaging workouts. Not only that, but he's starting me on the bare basics of boxing and never seems to get frustrated with me! I highly recommend training with him.

Erika J.

I've been working with Anthony for the last 2 months and he is simply amazing! There are times when I feel Like giving up and he always encourages me to keep pushing through. The biggest thing I love about Anthony would be his heart for his clients. I've gone to many fitness "professionals" and they are just not as involved as Anthony is. I can come to a session and talk to him about anything. I love the work we have done now and I've lost a total of 16 lbs now! If you want a great trainer, Anthony Rowland is your guy!

Victoria T.

I must say...I have never been pushed like Anthony pushes me. I have been active most of my life but I have discovered a beast in me now. My limits have been raised tremendously simply because Anthony believed in me more than I believed in myself, and wouldn't accept anything less than my absolute best. Thank you for helping me feel More Than Human!!!!

Rashim G.

An excellent experience for Martial Artists of all levels...innovative...and reality based training provided by an authentic Martial Artist with a teacher patience and understanding.

Kiana F.

Anthony is my Muy Thai and conditioning trainer. HE's been exceptional in providing a safe space to learn. He's strict when he needs to be and nice when he doesn't (which isn't often for a complainer like me). I have been able to watch him alter his teaching style to match the personalities of this clients. He's so approachable and really makes me love the work I put in when I'm with him. If you're serious about your health, use him. He's certified in everything and meets you at your level and pushes you to do more than you realize your body can do.

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